My approach to creating  is experimental and intuitive leading to unpredictable outcomes.  Manipulating images digitally  enables me to play with colors, shapes and textures, which in turn allows me to engage the viewer with the final results.
My concern for finding a  healthier approach to making art has led me to a variety of alternative printmaking methods. At present I have been exploring the photopolymer gravure process  which I was first introduced to at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative. I’m especially excited about printing multiple colors using color separations  using polyester plate lithography process.

My passion for technical processes provides a continuous  expansion of visual imagery. For the past year I have been drawn to explore the city, people and nature.  My desire is that my prints will evoke a new way of viewing the world and be savored by those who choose to enjoy my work

I taught high school art for 30 years in the Chicago Public Schools. Earned a Masters Degree in Inter-Disciplinary Arts from Columbia College in’02.  Recent exhibits include: UIC Health Center Exhibit “Adrift” 2016, Evanston Art Center, 2016, Bridgeport Art Center, Juried Group Exhibit 2015, Lens International, Juried Group Exhibit, 2015, and Inspiration Corporation Juried Exhibit 2014.


rocks on beach copy.jpg